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Gym Equipment

Join Our Weight Training Sessions In Lisburn

Elite Health & Fitness Lisburn Ltd maintains a clean, welcoming, and inclusive weight room and gym where you can push and pull your way to fitness. Our gyms and health clubs in Lisburn have state-of-the-art free weights facilities to help you engage in weight training, core training, bodybuilding, and workouts focused on specific areas. 


If you are hesitant to venture into the free weights area and are worried about feeling out of place or intimidated by others, our fitness trainers are here to help you start weight training with confidence. Our resistance machines offer the perfect introduction, providing visual feedback for every rep and set. With a variety of dumbbells and weight plates, you'll find everything you need to help you in your quests, be it muscle building or body toning. Contact us to discuss your needs.

State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Our weight room is designed to offer an enriching weight-training experience to all. Our fitness equipment range includes cardiovascular machines like treadmills, bikes, benches, cross trainers, dumbbells, barbells, cable adjustable pulleys, plate-loaded bars, a squat rack and many more. 


Additionally, our spacious free weights area offers fixed resistance machines and varied functional equipment such as a weight sledge, Spartan rig, Stairmaster, and a dedicated lifting area. It's an exciting space designed to invigorate your fitness routine and help you achieve new goals.

Personal Training

We are a team of industry-qualified, highly knowledgeable personal trainers led by our head trainer, Mark Getty Bodybuilder, we welcome you to take your fitness training efforts to the next level. Our personalised fitness programme is designed around your health, body type, and lifestyle. We will motivate you to push your limits, break a sweat, and achieve better results. 


Rest and recovery are integral to effective training. Our PTs have the know-how to recommend the best recovery and rehabilitation strategies combined with personalised diet plans for your overall health and well-being.

Ready To Join A Weight Training Gym? Find New Motivation To Work Towards Your Goal With Our Expert Personal Trainers. Call 07545 498242.

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